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Alkaline Battery

Ultra Digital Alkaline LR6 AA Battery

Product Introduction

1.5V Ultra alkaline battery LR6
Model: LR6 AA Type Battery
Classification - Alkaline (Alkaline)
Designation: IEC –LR6 (AA size)
Normal voltage: 1.5 volts (V)
Capacity: 400 mins(3.9ohms, 24H/D, E.P. 0.9V)Jacket: Alu Foil
Minimum operating temperature: -18 °C
Maximum operating temperature: 50 °C
Shelf life: 10 years (undissolved)
Certificate: CE, RoHS, MSDS, etc
Dimension: Height49.2-50.5mm*Dia13.5-14.5mm
Application: MP3, alarm clock, calculator, remote control, toys, camera, etc.
Battery With 250 milliwatts of electricity, it lasts for 5 hours, so that the voltage does not drop below 1.2 volts.
The battery lasts for 300 hours at a constant load of 10 milliamps, so that the voltage does not drop below 0.8 volts

4pcs per blister card
12 packs/box
144 packs/carton
Carton dimension(cm): 33.5*32.4*20.3
Gross weight: 15.0Kg


TYPEModel NoJacketVlot.Duration
DLR20Alu foil1.5V1800min
CLR14Alu foil1.5V990min
AALR6Alu foil1.5V400min
AAALR03Alu foil1.5V140min
23AAlu foil12V105h
27AAlu foil12V35h
9V6LR61Alu foil9V18h