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Industry Information

Nobody Recycles Primary Cells

Date2014-08-27 16:54:13  Visit times:
Now, everyone's environmental awareness is growing, the family will not throw used batteries, save together, or sent to the community, or thrown into a battery recycling bucket. However, more and more people find that each cell has the original battery recycling bins are now gone, some communities in the waste cell stack half the house, and no one to recover, do not know how to do.
A lot of people understand this issue, in Hangzhou hazardous solid waste management center to find the answer, the staff said, starting in 2006, the market for disposable batteries are mercury-free batteries, will not pollute the environment, it is no longer need recycling, and garbage can when the ordinary trash, from the production source pollution control, which is more environmentally friendly performance.
However, the nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, cell phone panels still can not throw these rechargeable batteries, and harmful substances to be thrown into a red trash.