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Environmental protection I go ahead of the rest -- what is environmental protection battery

Date2014-12-26 10:38:37  Visit times:
Now in our lives can be heard everywhere visible low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, these behaviors can be said to be" green". The most recent attention to a number of new energy industry, such as green battery, are gettingcloser to our daily life. But all of this emerging battery industry and how?
The so-called green, is the environmental protection; green batteries can also be known as the new energy battery. We are now more commonly used only in nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium ion batteries two, at present, China's new energybattery technology is still in continuous innovation and development, is promoting the use of mercury free alkaline zinc manganese battery and a rechargeable battery and is developing, development of lithium or lithium ion plastic batteries and fuel cells, has been widely applied and the use of solar energy photoelectric conversion of solar cell, belonging to the new energy battery category.
New energy industry to rise abruptly quickly drove many green battery manufacturers of growth, such as AMD, day can supplythe company has now become a listed company, it is sufficient to prove that China's new energy battery technology has reached the advanced level, but also it is not difficult to see that the new energy market prospect.
In an industry or product is fire, can appear many bad traders in order to seek interest, with pretend to be true, disturbed themarket. How can we prevent Maidaojiahuo?
First, buy a new battery, must face the packages;
Second, look for the manufacturer;
Third, within the packaging certification, warranty cards;
In fourth, the battery is inscribed with a date and place: monopoly sales;
Fifth,  and most important, and manufacturers to verify the security code.
If you buy do the above points, illegal pedlar would shrink!