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PKCELL 2016 A Three-Days Tour At Xiamen (Autumn)

Date2016-11-17 17:09:18  Visit times:

PKCELL’s annual tour coming again!
This time, we PKCELL went to Xiamen, a beautiful and rich cultural atmosphere of the coastal city.

Day-one, Yongding Earthen

It can be said to the world's first floor. We are deeply impressed & admired by the ancient wisdom and determination , the shape is round, it can defend the enemy and also the shock, fire, security. Meanwhile, the ventilation is also very good & lighting. The wall thickness good at thermal insulationIt is like a castle as mysterious, like the momentum of the modern gymnasium, like the underground emerge out of the"mushroom" colorful, but also like the sky down the "flying saucer" spectacular magic. This round floor consists of three laps, from the inside to the outside, ring sets, the outer ring more than ten meters high, four, one or two hundred rooms, a layer of the kitchen and restaurant, the second floor is the warehouse, three , The fourth floor is the bedroom; building there are wells, bathrooms, mills and other facilities. Earthen use of local raw soil ramming, without reinforced concrete,the foundation of the wall width of three meters, the bottom wall thickness of 1.5 meters, followed by narrowing, the top wall thickness of not less than 0.9 meters. And then along the circular wall with a wooden partition into a large number of rooms.It is amazing.Their traditional culture can be seen, can be touched, can be felt to us, here from generation to generation, day and night,unity, fraternity, living together a unique family of unique way of life, honest honest, kind-hearted, hard-working folk, moreworthy of our PKCELL Of every employee reflection and learning.

Day-two, Summer Gate University & Gulangyu
Xiamen University, a perfect combination of Chinese and Western architectural campus, very beautiful, because of the time,only a part in the Xiamen University, walking here, anywhere can feel scholarly atmosphere, where the building is very magnificent, especially Jiannan Auditorium and winding field, I heard that here Lotus Lake, Valentine Valley Reservoir is known as "love in Xiamen," said. Really beautiful.Gulangyu, a very romantic place. Due to historical reasons, different styles of Chinese and foreign buildings are well-collected, retained, the "World Architecture Expo," said. After lunch, we arrived by boat to this long-awaited island, PKCELL small partners are energetic, playing on the ship from the self-timer, to reach the island, the buildings were left behind by countries to attract, there are Many people choose to take wedding photos here, really beautiful, but because of the typhoon a few days ago, many trees on the island are typhoons off, and some even uprooted, there are many soldiers and volunteers here to help, Reconstruction, hope Gulangyu as soon as possible to restore the old style. Here, there are a variety of Xiamen characteristics of snacks, foot decoration shop is also very unique, while listening to our tour guide, while eating a variety of snacks, from time to time there will be pleasant music floated. Very pleasant place, have the opportunity to stay here on a certain night, feel the night here.

Day-Three, the seaside play & Zengcuo An & Tan Kah Kee’s former residence and the Jimei University This day, we basically sleep naturally wake up, eat breakfast, came to the beach, we divided into three teams, playing on the beach in a collective game, a massage game, reflecting the PKCELL help each other feelings, a radish Squatting and double-run relay race, Shenzhen reflects PKCELL team strength, we unite and help each other, we all play very happy. And then went to Zengcuo An, where food is also a paradise, it is worth mentioning that the mango here, really sweet.In the afternoon, we went to visit the former residence of Mr. Tan Kah Kee. During his lifetime, he devoted all his life to selfless devotion and benefited his hometown. In his hometown of Jimei Village, he built Jimei Primary School, Jimei Middle
School and Jimei University, hoping that people here can learn something. The former residence of Mr. Chen Jiageng, also known as the return of the Church, which means to tell future generations, no matter where, and finally remember to come back. Deeply Respected & admired to Mr. Tan Kah Kee! After tour of Tan Kah Kee's former residence, we began a return trip, a pleasant three-day trip to Xiamen finished, I hopePKCELL getting better and better . Looking forward to PKCELL next year's trip. Wish everyone happy everyday.